Parrish's Ole Time Premium Sugar Cane Syrup

A Farm to Table Product

730 Lake Church Rd
Metter, GA 30439
"Hand Crafted in Small Batches"  

                                                                                               Retail $7.00 (12.5 oz)             Retail $10.00 (25.4 oz)


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3 - 25.4 oz Bottles Premium Cane Syrup ... $42.00 Packing & Shipping included
6 - 12.5 oz Bottles Premium Cane Syrup ... $46. 00 Packing & Shipping Included

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We pack and ship the day after we receive the order via PayPal ... syrup at your address in 3 days.

Yes, please email me any Special Offers on Sugar Cane Syrup that you may have in the future.


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