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Sugar cane syrup nutritional information:
One ounce serving contains about 75 calories, according to the U.S. Dept of Agriculture. 
The serving also has about 20 grams of carbs; 4 milligrams of calcium;
18 milligrams of potassium; and 16 milligrams of sodium.

We produced a total of 13- 60 gallons cookings in 2016 ... about 104 gallons of Premium Cane Syrup


Our 2016 cane crop harvest started on November 16 and finished on the 18th. As you can see, every stalk was jointed out at 6 ft tall or more. We had a lot top out over 8 ft.

3 Amigos and me harvesting sugar cane.


We have loaded out 3 trailers and have many trailer loads left piled in the field ... waiting to be loaded and hauled to the syrup house for processing.

Our cane fields on August 8.  We need to irrigate the sugar cane from our farm pond almost weekly due to the high temps and the lack of needed rain here this summer.  The rapid growth continues, as you can see the height of the stalks compared to my truck.  For a reference, the irrigation stand pipes are 10 feet tall ... and the cane is reaching around 12 feet now.

Our sugar cane fields at the farm on July 29 after another run of irrigation.
Wow ... look at the difference in size in only 17 syrup, mo syrup, mo syrup!

Sugar cane field at the farm on July 12 being irrigated from our pond.


Sugar cane field at our farm on June 20 being irrigated

Sugar cane field at our farm on June 8

Working in the cane fields today, June 8 and amazed at the rapid growth that takes place when there's plenty of water and the temps get hot. Cane is a tropical grass and loves the summertime. Most folks not familiar with growing sugar cane don't realize that from a single root stubble ... many new stalks of cane emerge. This "hill" of cane will have about 8 or 10 harvestable stalks come late November. Our cane is now over 5 ft tall and will reach a height of 12 feet or more by November... higher than the irrigation sprinkler heads in the center of the above picture. 

Our syrup display at Ingles Market in Clayton, GA. They carry both the 12 oz and 25 oz pictured here.



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